September 24, 2017 – Back to the Pharaoh

Scripture Focus: Exodus 7:1-24

Sermon Notes: 

I. Introduction

A. __________ to Pharoah.

  1. Well, Moses’ first meeting with Pharaoh had brought __________ t to the Hebrew slaves.
  2. The slaves were __________ because of his request.
  3. But, God __________ he and Aaron to go back and they returned in Chapter 6.

B. And now,  based on God’s message to Moses, he goes back to the Pharaoh and said the plagues are ___________ and explained their purpose to Pharaoh.

II. Body

A. In verse 4, we see that the Egyptians begin to__________ for their oppression.

  1. That I may __________ my hand Egypt.
  2. To start with the known super power of the day, Egypt, was ___________ to Israel according to Gen. 41.
  3. Joseph’s entire __________ came to Egypt because of the famine.
  4. So the Egyptians made them __________ and put slave masters over them and made them perform forced labor.
  5. But now, God would invoke the __________ of sowing and reaping.

B. So the Lord begins to __________ His people from the oppressors. [v. 4]

  1. “I will __________ out my divisions, my people, the Israelis.
  2. It all began with God’s call to Moses from the burning __________. [Ex. 3]
  3. But now Pharaoh __________to let the people go.
  4. Good announces the __________ plague [v. 14-18]
  5. And the prophecy was ___________. [v. 19-25]
  6. Events leading to the release of Israel have ____________.

C. The Egyptians began to realize they are ____________ with God. [v. 5]

Prayer Requests:

  • Billy Douglass and Family – loss of Shirley
  • Debbie Gray (Sam’s daughter-in-law) – surgery
  • Stacy Courson (Sam’s daughter) – surgery
  • Rhonda Swartzlander  (Pastor’s niece) – recovering from surgery
  • Pat Vardaman – recovering from surgery
  • Sharon Gray – recovering from a light stroke
  • Bonnie Bratton – possible pinched nerve
  • Norma Newkam – health
  • Margie Davis – cancer

This Week at Rose Hill:

  • Monday, Small Group, 6:30 pm
  • Wednesday, Missionary Night, 7 pm


  • Brittany Carter wedding, Saturday, September 30th, 2 pm.
  • Branstetter Retirement Party, Saturday, September 30th, Brockington Road Church of the Nazarene, 2:00 – 5:00 pm

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