August 27, 2017 – The Holy Spirit and Conviction 

Today’s Scripture:

Sermon Notes:

I. Introduction

A. The __________ of the Holy Spirit in the world (John 16:8-14)

B. But what does the Holy Spirit do at the_________ of saving faith?

II. Body

A. The Holy Spirit brings __________ life to the believer (Titus 3:5) then he saved us – not because we were good enough to be saved but because of his kindness and pity – by washing away our sins and giving us the new joy of the indwelling holy spirit. (TLB)

1. Paul tells us in Ephesians 2:1-9 that we are all __________ dead because of sin.

2. Let’s look at the __________ of Nicodemus and Jesus in John 3.

3. Regeneration means __________ birth.

B. So, once you confess your sins and invite Him in the Holy Spirit comes in and takes up __________ . (1 Corinthians 6:19-20)

1. Dr. Kenneth Wuest says,  “The Holy Spirit takes up permanent __________ in us. “

2. __________ promised the Holy Spirit would take up permanent residence in us. (John 14:16-23)

3. When the Holy Spirit comes in, there is __________ of the Occupant in the believer’s life.

C. The Holy Spirit __________ the believer. (Ephesians 4:30)

D. The Holy Spirit __________ the believer.  (1 Corinthians 12:13)

This Week at Rose Hill:

  • Monday, Small Group, 6:30 pm
  • Wednesday, Missionary Night, 7 pm

Prayer Requests:

  • Rhonda S. (Pastor’s niece) – brain surgery
  • Pat V. – recovering from foot surgery
  • Samantha (Sandi’s granddaughter) – fractured wrist
  • Sharon G. – recovering from a light stroke
  • Bonnie B. – recovering from knee surgery
  • Shirley D. – cancer
  • Norma N. – health issues
  • Margie D. – cancer

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